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 Survey Crafter Professional Documentation

Survey Crafter Professional comes with 4 guide books, each in Adobe Acrobat® file format. This includes the Getting Started Guide, User's Guide, Surveying on the Web and Understanding Survey Research: A Primer for Success.

You can read any of the 4 guide books by clicking on Survey Crafter Professional's Help menu and then choosing the book you want. Alternatively, you can read 3 of the 4 guide books online.

To read a guide book online, click on a link in the "Title" column below. To download a guide book, right-click on a link in the "Title" column below and choose the option in the pop-up menu that saves the file to your computer.
Title Pages Download Size
Getting Started Guide 38 564 KB
User's Guide 800 7700 KB
Surveying on the Web 68 640 KB

You may also find it useful to read the FAQ, Examples and Walkthroughs pages on this web site.

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