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Survey Crafter Professional survey software strives to make writing, administering, and analyzing web, paper and telephone-based surveys easy.

Survey Crafter Professional is a Microsoft® Windows® desktop software application that elegantly combines ease of use and flexibility so you can quickly make your surveys and analyses look and operate the way you want. You can print your questionnaire on paper for a paper survey, publish it on your own Linux, Unix or Windows-based web server for a web survey, or use the built-in Interviewer for a telephone survey.

Survey Crafter Professional has a flexible and powerful Survey Designer window that you can use to quickly build and format your questionnaires. You can use the software to simultaneously administer your surveys in multiple languages. Survey Crafter Professional comes with American English, British English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch spelling dictionaries.

Survey Crafter Professional 4.0    

January 15, 2018


Survey Crafter Professional 5.0.0 has been released and is available! Click here to read about the new features included in the latest release.


  • Language packages. A language package is a named collection of translations of built-in messages, headings and labels. Survey Crafter Professional now comes with standard U.S. English, British English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch language packages. Language packages make it easier for you to customize your surveys’ built-in messages, headings and labels in a consistent way.
  • New open and close web survey rules. You can now add rules to your survey that will, when your survey is on the web, open and/or close the survey at specific dates and times or alternatively when conditions of your devising are met.
  • New hide block components rule. You can now add a rule to your survey that will, when your survey is on the web, have components such as sub-questions or prompts of a question block shown or hidden depending upon the answers to a previous question.
  • Click here for more.

Survey Crafter Professional 4.0.19 has been released and is available! Click here to read about the issues resolved in the latest release.


  • Defects and other issues resolved. Click here for more.

On July 24, 2000 Survey Crafter acquired from Monitor Group a license to develop and market Survey Crafter Professional. The day it acquired Survey Crafter Professional, Survey Crafter made a commitment to provide you with an exceptional survey software product, making it easy for you to achieve your survey research goals.

Survey Crafter continues to provide free technical support for those who own registered copies of Survey Crafter Professional's predecessor, MarketSight® 2.x. The cost to upgrade from the original incarnation of the software to Survey Crafter Professional 4.0 is $149.95.

Please note the MarketSight® trademark is now owned and used by MarketSight LLC for a new product that is not related to Survey Crafter Professional.

 Information Sheet

Please read the Features and Benefits, Examples and What's New pages for more information or click here to read the Survey Crafter Professional 4.0 Information Sheet.


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Read the Documentation and Walkthroughs online.

 Free Evaluation

Click here to download the fully functional evaluation version of the software for free or to receive the CD by mail.


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For information about Survey Crafter Professional's compliance with Section 508, please read the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.

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